Official STOP-FYRE Fire Extinguisher Partnerships

Fire Extinguishers

For the last few years, STOP-FYRE has been the official fire extinguisher of the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) and the Illini State Pullers (ISP).

Three new pulling organizations use STOP-FYRE which include the Nebraska Bush Pullers, Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pullers Association, and the Missouri State Tractor Pullers Association.

In 2015, STOP-FYRE became the Official Fire Extinguisher of the Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals. Yet another professional motorsports organization endorsing STOP-FYRE because of the value, effectiveness, and power they see in the extinguisher.

STOP-FYREThese organizations could use any fire extinguisher, but have chosen to trust and use STOP-FYRE.
At each NTPA event every track official wears a STOP-FYRE unit on their belt and as a direct result, numerous pulling tractors and drivers have been saved.

These are just some of the reasons STOP-FYRE, has been chosen by NW Truck Pulls, LLC in the Pacific Northwest.

Tractor Puller Fire Safety

Tractor pullers are using high-end, expensive equipment with a high propensity to catch on fire. Here’s why tractor pullers trust STOP-FYRE as the best tractor fire extinguisher of choice:

  • Significant money invested into tractor and equipment
  • Corrosive dry chemical creates greater risk of engine damage
  • Extremely flammable fuels used (e.g. Ethanol)
  • Much greater likelihood of having a fire
  • Required to have a fire extinguisher

NW Truck Pulls, LLC highly recommends STOP-FYRE for all Pulling Vehicles

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